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Friday, October 21, 2011

Bread shopping at The Loaf, Pavillion

I never thought bread store will have a great sale.... and I don't even know that this Bread Shop has a membership card... guess which bread shop am I talking about... it's actually the Loaf... they're having promotion for members for their 5th anniversary. Since few of my colleagues are members of the Loaf, last wednesday we went to Pavillion to grab the offer. We get to buy all breads on shelves at 50% discounts...

Imagine the queue... everyone like carrying more than 2 bags full of breads, puffs, cakes, cookies, pastries all sorts..... I bought few too.... and here's the catch of the day....

Blueberry and Cheese
Cranberry and Cheese (bestseller)
Caramel cream
Chocolate ....something something (I can't remember the name)
and this
the raisin loaf
all this for
RM35.++ instead of RM70.++
not bad right...
not bad at all

and best part is this.... the coconut sugar cookies.....

which I had it with this intant coffee from Starbucks
The Columbia Coffee
Smooth , nutty flavour
The roasted arabica beans used  in store now created with instant and microground form which you can  have it anywhere you wish..... just add hot water , lay back and enjoy your cup of coffee.

a cup of self made Starbucks
with Coconut cookies from the Loaf
what a perfect match....
for tea....


  1. Oooohhh i like bread and pastries!

    50% discount, that's so worth it.
    Hv u tried levain? It's good too

  2. shark,
    levain is the name of a bread or a shop... tell me more... maybe can try next time...

  3. i suka choc kawah tu hehe kalau beli pinjam kad kawan but now tutup sebab empire meletup lambat lagila nak makan loaf huhu

  4. Levain is the name of a bakery.
    I've written a post on levain in my blog.
    You can also see their website

  5. Ermayum,

    Regret that I didn't buy their brownies.. friend said they are nice


    Thanks for sharing... sure will visit their wensite and next to the bakery....


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