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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Proton ladies raya lunch

It has been more than a year ago since I left Proton. So much memories that I've been trying hard to erase but that attempt lead to almost impossible result. Not that I hate those memories... but it is just simply hurting to carry on with this emotion... I missed those time and what more to say when comes to truly friendship... But that is not the end.. we do still keep in touch in where ever possible way... I can still felt the bonding and spirit of friendship which has been marked in my deepest heart.. Hmmmmph.... Last week, I got a chance to meet most of my ex colleague at my ex boss hari raya lunch... I want to quote each of my friends' name here as a prove of rememberance .. And please if you didn't see your name .. State it in my comment preference in sequence... 

Manja, Ina, Sarinah, Gee, K Saba, Suriyya, K Aya, K Saz, Shidah, Has, Aniz, Zamzarina, Norsie, CheWan, Hajar, Zainora, Salina, Anjang, Novia, Nora, Suzana, Mastura, Mazleha, K Ros, Midah, Midah Kecik, K Niah, K Bai, Fariha, Rin, Mazlinda, Sya, Pn Zau, Pn Lat, Ms Lina, Jasmin, Wan Yan, K Rad, Fiza, Aizan, Indra, K Yan, K Ani Payroll, Ina Payroll,

Ida, Zara, Ayie, K Tun.. though you were not there... I still lift my head to check on you...

Too busy catching up wuth friend and left me n

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