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Friday, August 10, 2012

Blogging via IPhone made easy ... Testing

I am trying to blog a post on my kids stuffs which I bought through online. Problem is.. the photos are all captured and saved in my phone... Try to blog using website version using IPhone.... Sighhh can't get the photos uploaded either.... So what do I fo next.... luckily there's a prompt to download blogger apps from ITunes..... rupernye .... So here we are... no paragraph.. no alignment just belasah.... Ok back to my shopping stuffs... Bought these apparels from Gap online. Everyone know that Gap do not ship directly to Malaysia... So all my purchase has to be ship to US address. Thanks to HopShopGo that make oversea shopping online damn easy snd convinient.... I putting a fullstop now coz I can't continue writing in this manner.... So tiny and tendency of spelling error is super high....

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