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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Umrah Trip ....a true humble experience

This is what I owe my self... a post on my Umrah trip... I've been delaying to write but for the real facts I knew I can't afford to miss it.. it's truly a humble experience for both me and enche hubby to be the guests of the holy land....

I am still in a shock and unbelieve mode that we've been there. It's been my whole life aim to be there.. and to be there with a very clear mindset.. be his guest...and devote ourself as 'abd  to our creator.... every moment is a bless and everything we experienced is priceless, things we see, things we do.. everything is first time to both of us... hope with this little experience that we both learned through out the journey may ease us if not much to perform Hajj in future... Insya Allah

Alhamdulillah, upon his will, our journey is smooth, we have nothing to fuss about and every little minor hickup we accepted as it is and it's just our self that we want to improve and all we need is a bit of effort to gauge more knowledge and that will make a difference of how you make use of your time while you're given opportunity yo be there.... Insya Allah we are going to make ourself more prepared if we were to be there again as his guest...

With continuous doa and self reminded why I was there help me to beat my unavoided nervous feeling and thought that naturally came.... I somehow felt very tiny and my tears is dropping easily everytime I look at the wonders of Allah.

Can't stopped myself to grasp some's truly a scenic and these are few of hundreds if not thousand of  pictures taken while we're there... and for don't know how many times I've been repeating viewing these photos and smiling which I myself don't know the reasons...

In Madinah

Ziarah at Madinah - Masjud Quba', ladang kurma, pasar kurma

In Makkah

Ziarah in Makkah

Exhibition of Holy Two Holy Mosques (Al Haram & Nabawi) architecture museum

and finally to Jeddah, floating mosque

before we depart to Malaysia

Safely arrived at KLIA


  1. Kak Lin!!!!

    rinduuuuuuuuuu..banyak nyeee gambarr!!! gambar saya xbyk..plsss email meeee! :(

  2. Kak Lin!!!!

    rinduuuuuuuuuu..banyak nyeee gambarr!!! gambar saya xbyk..plsss email meeee! :(

  3. YOUR pictures are so loving i really appreciate your trip and if you want to perform umrah 2013 there are many airlines offering cheap umrah packages and if you buy this package at bulk surely you get maximum benefits.


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