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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My Special Guest for Hari Raya

What I love most about raya is to entertain my guests yang sudi menjengah kediaman kami yang serba sederhana... I love to cook for them... and surprise them with newly created dishes and desserts served from my Magical Kitchen.

To me, guests should be treated well and I will not let them out my house without a memorable signature dish from me.... I wan't them to remember things and if they likes them, can try out on their own...... no secret...just passion to cook.. that's all.

I'm worried if no one calls to come over for ziarah... friends, relatives are most welcome to my house for raya. I can't afford to organize open house due to limited space I have.... and I still prefer conventional visiting concept where you'll have more time to update your 1 year story since you last met.

For this year, I have list out my menus which I alternate between my guest. and because I will cook the same dishes throughout the whole month of Syawal... then became very 'jelak' and I won't cook them again for the whole year.

Last year we had this chilli crab and mantao bread.... cooked them for more than 30 times during and when we have a guest. so we only had another round of chilli crab after 6 month of raya... even my maid can't even see the crab.... felt very jelak already...

I will experience the same thing this year. For 2011, I chose much simpler dish for the guest....

Spicy Seafood Aglio Olio (Dome version)
Pasta with Meatball Sauce and Basil
Bihun Tom Yum
Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang (sub from my mom's kitchen)
Tapas (Patatas Con Alioli Picante)
Sambal Taun (upon request)
it's Jawa dish which I learn from my MIL
Masak Sumur Ayam (Jawa dish too)
Nasi Impit
Pulut served with Sambal
Rendang Ketam
Fruit Tart
Crabmeat Rangoon
Mango Lychee Pudding
Caramel Pudding
Ice cream with assorted toppings
last but not least
Assorted Kuih Raya*

* Actually talking about kuih raya, I'm a bit selective when it comes to cookies. Ordered only few types which I think is nice and all time favourite. True enough... most of my guests likes the cookies and heard few compliments from them.... so happy about it coz to me... cookies are meant for eating and not for display only.

Normally, we would have the
Regular guests... (close friends and office mate)
New Guest (First timer)
Alternate guest (came every 2 years... maybe)
Ad hoc guest (most welcome)
Planned guests (preferable)
Orang Jauh (Guest from outside Klang Valley)
Baraan Guest
Family and siblings

and this year we even have the "Assalammualaikum guest"

So, who ever came, we will try our best to serve them few of the above....Because we're too busy with our guests, I don't have a chance to snap the dishes I cooked I do have photos of my special guests this year.

and let's not just talk without prove....... and this could only be half of the total count...

My ex office mate and close friends @ hunters...

I specially invite them for the Raya Gathering last Friday.... am very happy to see you all after few months away.... hopefully hubungan silaturrahim yang telah terjalin akan berterusan selamanya....

Amil and family

Zul and family


my BFFs
from left : Ms Dots, Gie, Syue, Niz and Linda

the Guys
from left : Hassan, Hashim @ IK, Zul, Amil, Zurisman and Ibrahim

and the ladies again

Niz @  Mommy of Awwal Hariz and family

Syue with half of her family

Ibrahim , Cik Nana and their lovely kids
Umar, Midha, Erina and Aulia

and special my special thanks to Kak Sue (Suzana)... thank you sebab sudi datang ke rumah.
and more special guests

Ja'a and family

Naim (my BIL) and family
Shila, Adam naufal, Naim and Alya
and our new guests for the year

Rashidi and family

Abg Asnor , Kak Umie and family

Mr. Prez , K La and family

my aunties and uncle from Kedah and Cheras

and enche hubby's cousin

Pujic , Ja and their lovely daughters, Hani and Tiha
not in photos
Randy and family
Izwan and family
Wan and Salmie
Izan and family
Iza & family
Yan and family
Hadi and family
Ani and family
Linda & family
Suzana and family
Ali and Amoi
Saida and family
Abg Sani and family

Thank you all for coming over.... we have more guests for the coming next two weekends.... tomorrow night is reserved for BLT geng (enche hubby's officemate). Still thinking on what to prepare and insya Allah everything will be going as planned.

To our friends out there... you're most welcome to come over to our little house for ziarah... wishing you all and family Selamat hari raya and Maaf Zahir dan Batin atas segala apa yang terlebih atau terkurang.....

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