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Monday, April 7, 2014

Lunch at Yuzu, KLCC

For months I never had a proper an satisfying lunch during  my working days... normally a quick snack or bites will do... but last Friday, one of our colleague who is expecting was craving for Japanese food... we decided to go to Yuzu, KLCC. It was a good lunch . Their portion is big and taste good.... don't asked me to describe what I ate... I couldn't remember a thing.... those terms are new to me... probably, when I am on my own , I will just point out the picture in the menu... now I'm so lucky to have colleagues whom are fans of "Jap food"... still learning .... but I think I am now started to fall in love with Jap food.... I found Jap foods are fine and healthy too...

The restaurant

Soft tofu


Main course - Saba Terriyaki fish

Yummy side dishes

and my friend ordered the Seafood Platter.


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