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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Bangkok and Pattaya Trip

Most awaiting trip for me but not so sure on how my travel companion felt about it... it's my first time to Bangkok and Pattaya... but not for enche hubby... so my expectation and him could be different. Anyway it was a great short break for us after going through the hardest moment in life. We lost someone whom we love so much on April 26.. my father in law. Semoga Allah menempatkan nya dikalangan para syhuhada' ...Ameen

We keep our travelling and exploring minimal, more relaxing, massaging and eating.. though we don't quite find a good muslim restaurant to eat around Bangkok... but we found one in Pattaya.. a good one.. in fact a really good one. Apart from that, we stuffed ourselves with cut fruits and juices.. very similar eating type while we're visiting Vietnam the last time.

What would be the best word to describe our trip this round... may be "REDAH je" fits well. Due to uncertainty, we didn't dare to plan and commit any booking earlier.. by the time we decided to go, it was a day before the travelling day.. can you imagine. Nothing much can be done, except to just book any hotel with descent description and that's it. We have not done a proper and thorough research about getting around, muslim food restaurant and things to do and must go places...

Is this an indication that there will be another Bangkok trip for us... most likely.. enche hubby has suggested that too.. so it's just a matter of when.

On day of arrival, we hop into Bangkok - Pattaya Bus. We took the earliest bus departed at 5.00am. The fare is 133BAHT per person. The journey took us about 2 hours and the distance if not mistaken is around 137km. Bus is available at every 30 minutes interval. From Don Mueng Airport, we took a taxi cost us about 150BAHT to Mo Chit bus terminal.

Straight away taking Pattaya taxi to Hard Rock Pattaya. This is how Pattaya taxi look like. You pay 20BAHT  per ride.. very convinient.

But for us.. renting a motorbike is still the best.... it costs us 500BAHT for 2 days... very cheap...

Enjoying moment of relaxing......

The room.... ah ha

and the pool.....

ready for sight seeing.... in santai attire.. ready to jump in the pool...

The Pattaya Walking Street.... not a must go place for me.....


Most relaxing time

Pattaya at night.... 

and the halal food we found in around Pattaya and Bangkok


and on top of everything... delicious halal food in Pattaya.... if for any reason I want to go to Pattaya again is because of this.... non other else...

Garlic squid

Chicken with cashew nuts

and Tom Yum seafood

and a bit of Bangkok..

we stayed in Courtyard by Marriott, and santai for the ramaining of the day....

relaxing again after a long walk and shopping at Chatuchak Market - the largest weekend market .... see what i found for my kitchen?

 cake server with lid
3 tier server
2 tier server
assorted bake ware
assorted server

all of these for just RM140. brilliant purchase... and this make my Bangkok trip a real worth....

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