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Friday, March 8, 2013

Fish Head style

Thinking of what to cook for my guest tomorrow... hmm Dapur Magika Kak Lin is back to normal business, probably it's time to introduce them for the first time my fish head noodle.... I was introduced to this dish by my chinese colleagues and we always had this at Grandmama's Kitchen, Pavilion... it's quite common to get this dish anywhere around town...but the question is whether it is certified halal or not....

I make a point to google this recipe and asked my friend on the basic ingredients... and there you are....

You will need :

Ingredients :
Fish Head
Fresh Ginger
Preserve Vege
Coriander leaves
Evaporated milk
A pinch of salt
A drop of love

and how you cook it....

I just tumis the onion, garlic and ginger together with the fish head...then pour in some water for the soup..let it simmer... actually if you do this long enough with a slow fire, you don't need the milk to thicken the soup...the fresh fish will add the natural sweetness in the soup...and have the milky look.... but i did it express way... once simmer then I add all other vegetables and that's it...some chinese add rice wine to the soup... but I didn't. it doesn't impact much on the taste....serve it with thick bee hoon and hubby like it with cut chillies.....

and here you are... a bowl of fish head noodle to be enjoyed....

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